Terrell "Terry" McCaleb
Created by Michael Connelly

TERRY McCALEB is a former FBI man who has had a change of heart - literally. At the start of Blood Work (1998), it is just two months after he received a life saving heart transplant. Now he is recuperating on his boat The Following Sea in the Cabrillo Marina near Los Angeles. He takes dozens of pills twice a day to keep his body from rejecting the new heart, including Prednisone which makes his beard grow so fast he has to shave twice a day. He is trying to decide what to do with his second chance at life, when a woman shows up at his boat to ask his help. She turns out to be the sister of the woman who 'donated' his new heart.

By the second book in the series, A Darkness More Than Light (2001), Terry is newly married, has a new baby daughter, has moved his boat to Catalina Island and is recovering well. He can't earn any money though, or he will lose the subsidy that pays for his life maintaining medication. He has an aptly named friend and neighbor named Buddy who provides equal parts help and complicating interference with whom he runs a charter fishing service. McCaleb doesn't quite fit the hard-hitting, hard-drinking mold of the private investigator, but Connelly really pulls off this fresh take on ex-FBI investigators.

Interesting to note: the second book in this series McCaleb spends his time investigating Harry Bosch (Connelly's more famous series character), who learns of the investigation through a leak to a tabloid reporter (Jack McEvoy, protagonist of Connelly's The Poet).

In 2002, Blood Work was brought to the big screen, with Clint Eastwood as star, director and producer. although (of course) there were changes made to the original source, the film was quite successful, both critically and commercially.

Besides the Bosch series, Connelly has written The Poet, a thriller which introduced tabloid reporter Jack McEvoy as a protagonist, in 1996, and 2000's Void Moon introduced Cassie Black, a Las Vegas thief, while 2005 saw the introduction of grunt criminal attorney Mickey Haller in The Lincoln Lawyer.

One of the most respected and popular mystery writers around, Connelly's books been translated in 35 languages and have won the Edgar , the Anthony, the Macavity, the Los Angeles Times Best Mystery/Thriller Award, the Shamus, the Dilys, the Nero, the Barry, the Maltese Falcon (Japan), the .38 Caliber (France), the Grand Prix (France), and the Premio Bancarella (Italy). In 2003-04, he served as the President of the Mystery Writers of America, and he has written for TV and film. In fact has recently written a script for a big screen adaptation of The Equalizer with film maker and fellow crime writer Terrill Lee Lankford. Connelly currently lives with his family in Florida.






Respectfully submitted by Dale Stoyer.

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