Matty Madrid
Created by P. J. Grady

New Mexico private eye MATTY MADRID is a blue collar, wise-crackin', in-your-face kinda gal with a ton of friends, a chip on her shoulder, an unflinching eye and a fire in her belly that isn't just from green chiles. Her first recorded case, 1999's Maximum Insecurity, takes her from trendy galleries to the barrio, from the state capitol to mountain villages, Indian Pueblos, and New Age communes, and to the local prison, where she observes "At the Texas State Prison, you can put out a man's life for a cupcake. At the Penetentiary of New Mexico it'll cost you at least a carton of cigarettes."

According to her publisher, Author P.J. Grady is "a cousin by marriage of outlaws Frank and Jesse James, and she knows her territory. She is on a first-name basis with rustlers, child molesters, and contract killers. She's worked at the Penitentiary of New Mxico (the state's only maximum security facility, housing death row and the "hole") the Public defender's Department, and State District Court."



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