Matt Herrick
Created by David White

“Uncle Matt, I think I need your help.”

The opening line from MATT HERRICK's first appearance tells us all of the background we'll get on the character through the course of the story. He has a nephew and he's in a position to help him. The nephew is 21-year-old Mike Herrick who is on his way to becoming a full blown alcoholic while his father watches. Herrick is able to help because he used to be a cop. Instead of delving into Herrick's history as a cop, author Dave White leaves the reader guessing.

“Hey,” she said, putting her finger to the corner of her mouth. “You think I could interview you sometime for a paper I have to do? Were you ever a cop?"

“For twenty years. Maybe we can set something up after I find Heather.”

“How come you left the force?” she asked, not getting the hint.

All he gave her was a shrug.

Herrick is a nice balance to White's other, more tortured, PI Jackson Donne and hopefully there will be more stories to develop Herrick as a unique character and use the Hoboken setting to its full potential.


Respectfully submitted by Bryon Quertermous.

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