Al Martillo
Created by Norman Green

An old-fashioned kick-ass private jane.

Those of you who yearn for the take-no-prisoners action heroines of such 70s-era blaxploitation B-flicks as Sheba Baby and Foxy Brown can relax: the kick-ass babe is back, and ALESSANDRA "AL" MARTILLO is that babe.

With a bod that men can't help but drool over, Al is one pool-shootin', gun-totin' gal who can take care of herself. Hell, if she wasn't Puerto Rican, she could have been played by Pam Grier. All that's missing is a funky soundtrack. Preferably by Isaac Hayes.

Rough childhood? Check.

Grew up on the streets? Check.

Daddy issues? Check.

Problems with authority? Check.

Pig-headed? Check.

Dubious ethnic sterotypes? Check.

But now Alessandra’s all grown up, doing repos andother scut work for Marty Stiles, a sleazebag Big Apple private eye not above cutting corners.  It's not exactly a dream gig for Al -- and Marty's pretty much a pig -- but she's good at the work, and it pays the bills.  Which is important because Al is big on autonomy, if nothing else. Fiercely independent, she's beholding to no one. And God protect any man who tries to stake a claim on her.

It's a refreshing take on the female P.I., a larger-than-life view that's largely fallen out of favor. Al's a deliciously flawed character: impatient, impulsive, callous and self-centered, not always aware of the bad choices she's making and not afraid to let her inner bitch out. When she gets involved with an Irish gangster who's convinced there's a leak in his organization -- and still mourning the loss of his guitarist son in her debut The Last Gig (2009), it makes for one fine, old-fashioned, unapologetically pulpy read.

The author has written several other crime novels and, according to his bio, has worked as a truck driver, a construction worker and a plant engineer. 



Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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