Mark Logan
Created by Richard S. Prather

Another rara avis from the House of Prather...

MARK LOGAN is the private eye hero of Richard S. Prather's 1952 novel Dagger of Flesh, published by Falcon and written while Prather's Shell Scott character was under contract with Fawcett Gold Medal. It was later reprinted and revised to become a Shell Scott novel, which was the author's original intention.

Confused? According to Prather in Dean Davis' The Ultimate Richard S. Prather Interview, "Fawcett declined to take one of the books...Dagger of Flesh I think it was... But then, as my books sold well through (them), they wanted all of my titles including the ones they had turned down in the first place. They wanted them all under their imprint, so if it had a pen name previously on it Fawcett changed it to my own name. In Pattern for Panic I had changed the lead character from Shell Scott to Cliff Morgan and that's how it was originally published. After Fawcett bought it, I changed the Morgan character back to Shell Scott. All I did really was restore it to the way it had originally been written. Similarly, in Dagger of Flesh I changed Shell Scott to Mark Logan, then back to Shell. Curiously, the only copies of Dagger I have here at the house all say Mark Logan, so I'm confused about that one myself."

Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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