Stewart Mann
Created by Stephan(y) Gregory (pseudonym of Don Pendleton, 1927-1995)

STEWART MANN is a West Coast private eye created by Don Pendleton under the pen name of Stephan -- and in at least one case, Stephany -- Gregory.

Although the line on the site is that Mann served as "a kind of testing ground for the character traits that would later show up" in his subsequent and wildly successful Mack Bolan/The Executioner character, and about how Mann was "a war vet, a man of action, a loner whose own very personal moral and ideological code always seems to see him through, no matter what the odds," what the Mann series of paperbacks by the notorious Bee-Line was really about was good ol' gettin' it on.

Hell, the slogan for their Rapture imprint under which at least some of Pendleton's books appeared boasted that they offered "The finest in adult reading."

I mean, just take a peek at that cover over there.

And look at the titles: The Insatiables? The Sex Goddess? The Sexy Saints?

And check out these blurbs!

Stewart Mann had the assignment every man dreams of - personal bodyguard to Hollywood's number one sex kitten, but could he live long enough to protect her from a beautiful lesbian killer.
-- from
Sex Goddess

The luscious lady ran a booming business, but there was trouble in the Trade.
-- from
Madam Murder

It may not have been hard-core, and they may have been positively mild by today's standards, but they were porn, nonetheless. But hey, you sell a kajillion books, I guess you can re-write your own history.

Bee-Line made out okay, as well. It was their Pinnacle imprint which subsequently published the Executioner series. And for a few glorious years, it was win-win all around.

Don Pendleton was one prolific and successful dude, if nothing else. A Navy vet who served in WWII and Korea, he went on to write mystery, action/adventure, science-fiction, crime fiction, and suspense novels, as well as short stories and non-fiction. He also wrote comics, poetry, screenplays and poetry. But he'll always be remembered for creating the Mack Bolan series, which became the definitive Men's Action/Adventure series. Somehow, he also found time in there to create private eyes Joe Copp and Ashton Ford. But he got his start writing for Bee-Line, penning erotica and downright porn. Besides the Stewart Mann books, he wrote several other one-handed classics, such as All the Trimmings, Color Her Adultress, All Lovers Accepted, How to Achieve Sexual Ecstasy and ESP and the Sex Mystic. And it should be noted that The Executioner books were first published by Bee-Line's' Pinnacle imprint "to avoid the taint of Bee-Line's reputation."


  • "Although The Executioner Series is far and away my most significant contribution to world literature, I still do not perceive myself as 'belonging' to any particular literary niche. I am simply a storyteller, an entertainer who hopes to enthrall with visions of the reader's own incipient greatness."
    -- Don Pendleton


  • The Insatiables (1967) .. Buy this book
  • The Sex Goddess (1967)
  • Madame Murder (1967) .. Buy this book
  • The Sexy Saints (1967)
  • The Hot One (1967)


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  • Ainger vs. Michigan General Corp.
    Juicy -- if a bit dry -- court records from the seventies reveal in passing a convoluted legal squabble between Bee-line executives and Pendleton over who actually came up with the concept of The Executioner.

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Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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