Brick Mallery
Created by Mark Bornstein, James Griffith and Nik Desando

This ain't no old-time radio drama! Nope, it's new old-time radio drama!

And that's fine with BRICK MALLERY. He's a dick straight out of the old school. He's got the seedy office, the smart-ass secretary, the seedy hangout and a life filled with bad coffee and low-life snitches in these straight-to-audio dramatizations from Toronto's Scenario Productions.

For fans of OTR, and really, anyone who enjoys a good laugh, they can do far worse than the strange, twisted audio adventures of Brick Mallery, Private Investigator. See, Brick tends to take on cases that are a little on the peculiar side. Why settle for seedy blackmailers and low-life thugs when you can tackle cannibal vampire zombies, clones, ancient curses, alien mind control, identical half-twin brother and sisters, and of course. . . MURDER! (as the blurbs so gleefully promise)?

Warren Coughlin stars as Brick (evidently Dash Riprock was taken), doing a superb take on the traditional hard-boiled private eye, right down to the sardonic "tough guy" voice, the cynical wisecracks and the over-the-top similes and metaphors. It's like something right out of all those great old hard-boiled private eye radio shows of the 40's & '50s, only stranger, and far funnier, with jokes ranging from high wit to utter tastelessness, and enough pain-inducing puns to keep you groaning happily. There are some suitably jazzy musical themes and background music, lots of elaborate sound effects and background noise and top-flight production values. And the cast is impressively talented.

In 1999, these audio productions even managed to win two Publishers Weekly Listen Up Awards, for Best Dramatized Production and Best Mystery Series.





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