Eddie Mallard

Created by Lloyd Fonvielle

EDDIE MALLARD is an underachieving, down-on-his-luck P.I. who may possibly be crossing paths with a very beautiful manifestation of the supernatural in Lloyd Fonvielle's neo-noir erotic thriller Gotham, made for Showtime Cable back in 1988.

When a client with a questionable grip on reality hires Eddie to deliver a package to his ex-wife, a certain Rachel Carlyle, the job seems like an easy way for Eddie to earn his retainer, but things get supernaturally scary when it becomes impossible to ignore the possibilty that the irresistible Ms. Carlyle might be the ghost of her formerly living self. Virginia Madsen plays Rachel, the cool blonde who becomes the object of Mallard's obsession.

As played by Tommy Lee Jones, Mallard is at once a perfect patsy and a world-weary dick with enough street smarts to match wits with the most clever scam artist. As the storyunfolds, shifting tone from humor to melancholy to dread to eroticism, Eddie Mallard reveals himself to be a complex and troubled individual in scenes that seem to come out of left field with unexpected sadness and dark sexuality.

The film contains all of the wry humor, suspense and eroticism that one could ask of a neo-noir thriller.

Fonvielle's other credits include The Mummy (1999), Cherry 2000 (1987), The Bride (1985) and The Lords of Discipline (1983).


  • "I've saw Gotham years ago. What I really remember most is Madsen's eerie sensuality. It's hard to get turned on and weirded out at the same time, but she pulled it off."

-- Kevin Burton Smith


  • GOTHAM....Buy this video....Buy the DVD
    (aka "The Dead Can't Lie")
    (1988, Showtime)
    Teleplay by Lloyd Fonvielle 
    Directed by Lloyd Fonvielle
    Executive producers: Keith Addis, Gerald I. Isenberg
    Co-producer: Eli Johnson
    Producer: David J. Latt
    Original music by George S. Clinton  
    Starring Tommy Lee Jones as EDDIE MALLARD
    and Virginia Madsen as Rachel Carlyle
    Also starring Michael Chapman, Jack Cheley, David Cryer , Denise Stephenson, Frederic Forrest, Molly Johnson, Colin Bruce, Kevin Jarre, Peter Jobin, Hugh McCarten, J.B. White, Michael Villella, Alec Willows

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