Nicky Mahoun
Created by (Alexander) Clark Smith (1919- )

I've been told that Scottish writer Clark Smith wrote three pretty good noir novels set in the Glasgow business world of the 1950s, featuring NICKY MAHOUN who was, like David Dodge's James "Whit" Whitney, a chartered accountant. They were evidently popular enough that at least one novel, The Speaking Eye, was adapted as part of the British TV mystery anthology series Detective.

But not everyone liked them. According to British critic T.J. Binyon in Murder Will Out, a U.K. accountant trying to be a "tough American private eye (has) an unintentionally comic result."

Smith was born in Glasgow, and worked as a chartered accountant, and later served as the director of an electronics company. As well as the Nicky Mahoun mysteries, he was the author of a textbook on audits.



Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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