Patience & Verity Mackellar
Created by Janet Lapierre

Private investigator PATIENCE MacKELLAR and her daughter VERITY are two of the key players in Janet LaPierre's acclaimed Port Silva series; a series set in a fictional northern California coastal town with a population of 25,000 near Mendocino -- a town where the sins of the past never seem to quite fade away, but instead come roaring back into the present to corrupt whole new generations with alarming frequency. Think of this series acozy -- but with very sharp teeth.

Together they run Patience Smith Investigations, and although they aren't always the main characters, the mother/daughter team of P.I.s taking the lead in at least three of the later novels: Keepers (2001), Death Duties (2004)) and Family Business (2009).

Patience's late husband was a cop who was left wheelchair-bound after being shot. Together they formed a detective agency, and when he passed on, she kept it going. Now she's hired their 30-year old daughter, Verity, to do the legwork. Verity's coming out of a bad marriage, and has come home to roost.

Other regulars in the series include police chief Vince Guiterrez and his school teacher wife, Meg Halloran.

Together they make an appealing team, and Lapierre captures the rugged beauty of the coast and its citizens perfectly.


Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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