The Lunghi Detective Agency
Created by Michael Z. Lewin

It's a family affair!

In Bath, England, when you get in a jam, you could do worse than call in THE LUNGHI DETECTIVE AGENCY, run by three generations of a loud and unruly, but affectionate Italian-Anglo family.

Not exactly a hard-boiled series, but there's plenty of fun in this series, as the various family members -- siblings, children and parents -- constantly squabble with each other, even as they work on a variety of cases, involving everything from petty theft to murder. In fact, everyone, from Papa to young Davey seems to be working on his or her own agenda, and the narrative jumps all over the place. Fortunately, everything always seems to be smoothed over, and loose ends ultimately tied up thanks to Mama, plenty of home-cooking and endless pots of tea.

Besides Papa and Mama, there are the kids: Salvatore, Angelo, and Rosetta. Rosetta keeps the agency's books, and Angelo and his wife, Gina, have two teenage children of their own, Marie and David, who also get involved in the cases. Never lost for a scheme to raise money, the family also owns a string of adjoining buildings, and supplement their income by renting out the street level shops that line their buildings, and Mama at one point even has plans for opening a restaurant.

Only Salvatore, the oldest son, lives elsewhere. He's the oddball -- the reluctant detective who prefers painting over sleuthing, and only works when he needs cash for his art supplies. But he's just one of several colourful characters who weave in and out of a slew of amusing subplots, and keep things popping.

Author Z. Lewin, a transplanted American who now makes his home in Somerset, England, is probably best known for his series featuring Indianapolis P.I. Albert Samson. He also written radio dramas for the BBC.





Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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