Hardin Lovelace
Created by Ben Rubin?

There are a lot of reasons to hire a private detective these days.
Hardin Lovelace, P.I., is not one of them.

Private eye HARDIN LOVELACE is the hero of The Dead Hear Footsteps, an original radio drama produced during the Fall 2003 semester at Oberlin College Radio.

Oberlin students -- and the world at large -- are encouraged rto tune in. asLovelace (pronounced "love-less") prowls the streets of the stormy city of Bayside, and squares off against some of the the most dangerous criminals around. Besides Hardin, there's, according to one of the cast members, "some Lois Lane-esque broad and an ensemble cast of about five people that play everyone else: old ladies, bad guys, helper detectives, etc. I'm in the ensemble."

The Dead Hear Footsteps is written and performed entirely by students at Oberlin and performed each week live on the air. They use live sound effects and keyboard accompaniment, and often feature live jazz singing as well, when the plot calls for it. The show is aired every Sunday at 5 PM EST on WOBC, Oberlin College Radio, and webcast at www.wobc.org. It developed out of a class project by Ben Rubin, where students could learn about radio production by producing a weekly radio show, doing voices, writing script, finding music, creating sound effects, and whatever else comes up.


Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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