Léo Loden
Created by Scotch Arleston (text) and Serge Carrère (art)

LÉO LODEN is a former, rather youngish Marseillais police commisioner turned private eye in a series of semi-humorous, semi-realistic BD's created by Scotch Arleston and Serge Carrère.

Léo's cases take him and his burly partner, Tonton Loco, all around France, including stops in Marseille, Nice, Lyon, Toulouse, and Lille. Besides Tonton, Léo has been known to rely on the aid of his girlfriend,Marlène Soral, who sometimes gets invloved in his cases, not always willingly. Not that she's afraid of a little action, mind you: she's a police detective herself. And Léo and Tonton have, on occasion, called upon the services of Ex-Colonel Ivan Dlabibine Ossouzof of the KGB, a man who has a way with locks.

The series has been quite well-received, winning numerous awards, including the 1993 Prix Humour Solliès-Ville, the 1993 Prix Jeunesse Illzach, the 1994 Prix Microfolie's Maisons-Laffitte and the 1995 Prix Talent du sud.


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