Jake Lieberman
Created by Stephen Lewis (pseudonym of Teri White; 1946 --)

JAKE LIEBERMAN is the entire staff of Confidential Investigations, Unlimited, located for your convenience on the third floor, right beside Madame Magna, the Jewish-gypsy fortune teller, of an rundown office building on Vermont Avenue in Los Angeles.

In his first, and so far only recorded case, 1985's well-regarded Cowboy Blues, Jake is hired by an older homosexual to track down his younger lover, an aspiring cowboy singer. No, really... as Jake puts it, "Just what this case needed, a Buch League Gene Autry."

In fact, Jake is a bit more than that. He's also a former teen hustler, and a Vietnam vet, and his creator is also a little more than he first seems -- he's actually a she: Teri White, an acclaimed, Edgar-winning mystery writer who also wrote Thursday's Child, featuring private eye Gar Sinclair.



Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith. Thanks, Josh, for the tip.

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