Rick Larkan
Created by Marston La France (1927-1975)

RICK LARKAN is the "private richard" found in the pages of Miami Murder-Go-Round , whose paperback edition (Pocket Books #896), boasts several tantalizing blurbs:

"Rick is a private detective with scars on his face but not on his soul"

"Rick's bright and hard."

"He like blonds, hates killers and he"s mixed up in the worst kind of trouble-vice,smuggling and murder."

Sounds like good stuff, huh?

Rick works for the Triangle Detective Agency, which operates in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. Rick goes to Miami to investigate the death of a young op who was "aces in anybodys deck"). The kid had helped Larkin clean up "the Lange mess" in Manhattan a while back, before being transferred to Miami, but as Rick puts it, "Now he was a statistic.".

"Rick is tough and he needs to be his buddy has been killed,his clients want him to turn up another murderer, and the police want his help in cracking a gang of smugglers... And all this in America's most lush playground Miami a town where vicious people often play to rough."

Miami Murder-Go-Round was Rick's only appearance, and apparently the only book ever written by Marston La France, who Hubin's pegs as a farmer in New York in 1950s. However, Tom Fitzgerald writes:

"I'm not sure of Marston's early history, but he was a master's level English professor at Clarkson University in 1960, when I was a freshman there. He went on to get his PhD at the University of Wisconsin, and then on to Carleton University. in Ottawa, Canada to teach, where I last saw him.

He wrote Miami Marriage Go Round to help finance his way through college, and his New York agent was Bertha Klausner, who became my first agent, as well, thanks to Marston."

NOTE: Tom is currently trying to find Marston's kin. Any help in this regard would be greatly appreciated. If you can help, please contact Tom via e-mail.


Respectfully submitted by David Pekasky, with some additional info by Kevin Burton Smith.

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