Lara Kelly
Created by Sandra Ruttan

LARA KELLY's a spunky, idealistic twenty-something journlist working for The Oakridge Ledger, the local rag in the fictionalized Connecticut suburb of New Haven.

Despite the idealism, Lara's no pie-eyed Pollyanna. Then again, she's also not quite the cynical hard-bitten hard ass she thinks she is. In fact, it's the constant tug between the sweet and the sour that makes her such a compellingly flawed character. She does have major issues with those who abuse their power and with those who allow it to happen, but she's not a complete psycho about it, either, and keeps hoping for the best, despite it all.

But don't stand in her way -- she can be extremely stubborn and obsessive when she smells a good story -- to the point where she's willing to risk the few friends she has left to get at the truth.

Suffice it to say this doesn't make her very popular with the scandal-plagued local police. At least that's the scenario in Lara's first adventure, the well-received Suspicious Circumstances (2007) which finds Lara reluctantly cooperating with handsome Detective Tymen Farraday to investigate the suspicious death of a woman, caught on videotape, that the police apparently had no time for whe it first appeared. But as the bodies pile up, it soon belcomes clear there's more to the case than a simple matter of police incompetence.

Currently, the Canadian-born Ruttan is an editor for Spinetingler Magazine, and her fiction has appeared in both that magazine and CrimeSpree, among other places. She's studied journalism, communication theory and eventually found her way into special education, but she's currently devoted to working on manuscripts, articles, interviews and reviews full-time. A sequel is to Suspicious Circumstances is planned.




Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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