Phil Landsdale
Created by Michael Hemmingson

This is why you should leave this P.I. stuff to professionals.

PHIL LANSDALE is middle-aged and middle-class, the legendary North American suburban pale male watching his life circling the drain. He's a recently disbarred lawyer, his son's a firebug, and his wife is apparently having a great, fulfilling sex life -- that, unfortunately, doesn't include Phil.

Out of work, and out of self-respect, Phil soon realizes that being a house hubby isn't the most exciting thing he's ever done, and that when you're stuck in the house all day, horny and bored out of your mind, with way too much time on your hands and bourbon in your gut, the neighbors' comings and goings can become infinitely fascinating.

With his new best bud, Brian, the retired cop who lives next door, Phil begins to keep tabs on the sexy babe (she of the long legs and short skirts) across the street. But when her husband is murdered, Phil and Bryan realize that the she may not be exactly innocent. So Phil decides to play private eye, and find out the truth. He doesn't do a good job.

Imagine a cross between Mr. Mom and Rear Window, and you've almost got it. Now suck out all the light, and you've got an idea of where this hard, fast little noir fable is leading...


Report submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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