Bret Lamplighter
Created by C.J. Westwick

If you can't judge a book by it's cover, how about its web site?

Because if there's half as much easy-going good humour and cleverness in private investigator BRET LAMPLIGHTER's first novel as there is on his promotional site (check it out), C.J. Westwick's self-published Emerald Enigma (2006) will be a very good read indeed.

Of course, he might have blown his wad in the web site, and the book is a turgid piece of turkey. But I remain optimistic.

Billed as the first of a series of "techno-thrillers," the book seems to be a cross between the jetsetting adventures of Chester Drum and the goofiness of Shell Scott, as it follows the hapless gumshoe around the beaches and jungles of the Caribbean as he tries to track down some missing jewels. His task turns out to be more complicated than he thought, though, and he soon has to contend with corrupt government officials, crazed terrorists and crime lord dandies -- not to mention a "gorgeous French secret agent."

As the author himself puts it, "The killers are looking for Bret. The clock is ticking. . .At least, Bret thinks it’s just a clock.



Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith. And a tip of the fedora to Jan for the lead.

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