The L.A. Dolls
(Dani Mendez, Claire Walker-Corley & Tess Monahan-Cardoza)
Created by Mike Doogan

It's Charlie's Angels! It's The Golden Girls! It's two -- two --two shows in one!

Actually, the L.A. DOLLS isn't a TV show at all, but it's such a TV-ready gimmick that I can't believe the idea-starved television industry hasn't already jumped on it.

The L.A. Dolls are, in fact, three retired -- but not retiring -- female eyes whowent their separate ways after their hayday in the eighties.

DANI MENDEZ is now a assistant police chief in San Francisco with a son, Bowie, who's a private eye himself, CLAIRE WALKER-CORLEY is married, with children, out in the 'burbs, and TESS MONAHAN (no tip of the hat there, huh?) CARDOZA is a wealthy widow.

They reunite in their 2007 debut, Fingerprints and Facelifts when a series of events (Bowie is shot at, Tess' daughter is almost kidnapped and Claire's son is attacked seem to be tied in with the escape from prison of a dangerous drug lord who has a bone or two to pick with the Dolls.


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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