Kylie Kendall
Created by Clair McNab

She comes from a Land Down Under...

So there's this girl, see, running a pub in some dinky nowhere burgh called Wollegudgerie in the Australian outback when the father she never knew ups and dies, leaving her controlling interest in a detective agency in Los Angeles, California.

Well, what's a poor gal to do? She packs her bags and it's off to the City of Angels.

And that's basically how KYLIE KENDALL finds herself a fledgling private eye, in a country she's only known through about a zillion or so Hollywood movies, books, magazines, songs and TV shows.

Unfortunately, daddy's former business partner, Arianna Creeling, doesn't exactly welcome her new partner with open arms -- at least at first. Sparks of all kinds inevitably flew.

Including the romantic variety, it soon turned out. Evidently the two women had something in common, after all: a shared desire for... each other. Think of it as a classic Sam-and-Diane relationship, right out of television's Cheers. Except, in this case, it's Diane and Diane, and you'll have the gist of this light-hearted comic mystery series.

Ariana is the savvy, sensible one, a by-the-book control freak, not wanting her rookie partner to work any cases or interfere with the agency. And transplanted Aussie is the impulsive, frustrated one, spending most of her time hanging out with the receptionist and sampling the Los Angeles nightlife.

The author of numerous best-selling mystery novels, Claire McNab, like Kylie, is a transplanted Aussie now living in Los Angeles. According to her bio, has found living in America "at times startling and puzzling, but often delightful." McNab has served as the president of Sisters in Crime and is a member of both the Mystery Writers of America and the Science Fiction Writers of America.



Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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