Jack Kyle
Created by Richard Abshire

JACK KYLE is an ex-cop turned Dallas gumshoe, an ex-Vietnam vet who served as a sniper and seems to know quite a bit about explosives. During his cop days he earned the nickname "Turnaround Jack" for his ability to "turnaround" a case. He's also pretty much typical hard-boiled operative: middle-aged, divorced, broke and -- surprise, surprise -- more than a little cynical. Still, while not breaking any new ground, the series did get compliments for its plotting and characterization.

The relationships between Kyle and his associates (hisack Kyle P.I. (Nickname - Turnaround Jack - T. J.) Ex-Cop.
Ex-Vietnam Vet, Sniper, mysterious background in explosives)

S secretary, a blonde teenager named Della and his two "assistants" Speed and Joe) are particularly well-handled.

Author Abshire was, in fact, a real Dallas cop, working with the Dallas Police Department for 12 years. He also worked as a private investigator fora couple of years, according to the jacket of Turnaround Jack. He also wrote the Charlie Gants series (P.I. stories with supernatural overtones) with William Clair, another Dallas officer, who passed away in 2000. They wrote under the joint pseudonym of Terry Marlowe.Abshire is not a Dallas patrolman any more, but does do the video
stuff for the police department, he does the filming particularly of
training films, crimestoppers tips, etc. Clare is with the US Marshall's
office now and neither has time for writing. So far as I know neither
does any under any other name.




Report respectfully submitted by Eric Chambers and Kevin Burton Smith. Special thanks to Gina Clair Burrage for her invaluable assistance.

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