Jonathan Knox
Created by Emmett McDowell (1914-1975; AKA Robert Emmett McDowell)

What am I bid for this non-P.I. P.I.?

Recently, I found an old 1960 Ace Double by  about JONATHAN KNOX, the "murder-wise auctioneer." The stories were Bloodline to Murder and In at the Kill.  Knox was apparently an auctioneer who "could appraise anything, from females to French furniture." He also had a girl Friday by the name of Elly Watson, who had "a full-time job at part-time pay," making old Jonny-boy sound like he was exploiting the office help.

The covers, the titles, and the blurbs with phrases like "an axe for the family tree" and "Anyone for murder?' are all clearly hard-boiled in tone, even if Knox's mean streets were lined with estate sales.

Like Knox, McDowell was billed as a resident of Louisville, Kentucky, although he was born in Sentinel, Oklahoma.  He was a free-lance writer since 1944, selling "numerable novelettes and short stories to a great many magazines in all the fields of popular fiction."  His major hobbies were regional history and collecting books.  There was no info on his favorite color, or his major turnoffs.  He reportedly had a wife and a son.



Respectfully submitted by David Nobriga. Additional bibliographical info supplied by Kevin Burton Smith.

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