Sharon Knowles
Created by Ed Lynskey

SHARON KNOWLES is early-mid 30s, single, brunette, and attractive. She lives in a brick bungalow located in Bay City, Virginia, a fictitious suburb just outside of Washington, DC. Her godfather, Captain MacSorley, runs the city's police department. Her boyfriend, Zelmo Zuggs, is a NASCAR fan and up for any thing fun. Sharon graduated from the Virginia State Police Academy but was snapped up by Captain MacSorley to come and work for him. Her experience working in a community outreach program for youth street gangs has had mixed results.

After seven years as a Homicide detective, Sharon resigned from the police force and established her own PI firm but consults for the city and MacSorley. She remains friends with the city's ME, Dr. Barbara Canseco. Her office a second-story space over a rental storage facility run by a man named Butcher. In exchange for her security services, he lets her use the office rent free. Despite long hours and constant hustling for business, Sharon remains strapped. Her mentally disturbed father died in a warehouse fire. Her mother lives in a distant city.


A prolific short story writer, Lynskey's work has in numerous anthologies, magazines and e-zines, including Plots With Guns, Futures, Judas, Detective Mystery Stories, 3rdDegree, Mississippi Review, Hard Luck Stories and Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine. He's perhaps best known for his stories and novels featuring gunsmith/private eye Frank Johnson. He has also written several standalones, running the gamut from horror to cozies, in such books as Lake Charles, Quiet Anchorage and Ask the Dice.


  • "... smoothly-written."
    -- James Sallis



Respectfully submitted by Ed Lynskey. About the author submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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