Sal Kilkenny
Created by Cath Staincliffe

Don't be fooled by the domestic nature of her cases -- this aint no cosy series. SAL KILKENNY is one of the more appealling new female eyes, a British single mother and Manchester private eye, who's a well-rounded and refreshingly earthy character. Sal's our kinda gal--she's sensitive, compassionate, clever, and just hard-boiled enough (or at least thinks she is) to take a licking, and keep on ticking. It's probably just as well, because the mean streets of Manchester that she goes down can turn particularly mean (Sal's on her way to meet a client, who gets blown away by an IRA bombing). Don't you just hate when that happens?

Yet, Sal never loses her humanity. Yeah, she's a dick, but she also has to juggle work with the demands of parenthood. She shares a house and childcare arrangements but not a bed with a single father. The books are a nice blend of the dramatic and the domestic, where bread and butter low-profile domestic cases rub shoulders with some pretty grim cases, made all the more horrifying for Sal's basic decency.

There's also a great sense of place and atmosphere used here, and the cosmopolitan make-up of Manchester provides a vivid, colourful backdrop to the series.

Author Cath Staincliffe was raised in Bradford, and graduated with a degree in Drama and Theatre Arts from Birmingham University. Her poetry and short stories have been published in anthologies and she has also written science fiction. She's also involved in freelance community arts projects, and is a keen crime reader and aspiring gardener. A member of the Crime Writers Association and Sisters In Crime, she lives in Manchester with her partner and their three children.

Sal's debut, Looking For Trouble, was nominated for the Crime Writers' Association Best First Crime Novel Award, and was also serialized on British radio. The series, numbeing three books, at this point, has received much praise, particularly from her fellow Sisters In Crime. She's also a member of a British crime writers group called Murder Squad, which also includes John Baker (Sam Turner), Stuart Pawson, Martin Edwards (Harry Devlin), Chaz Brenchley, Margaret Murphy and Ann Cleeves.





Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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