Jayne Keeney
Created by Angela Savage

So far, Angela Savage is the author of one book, Behind the Night Bazaar, which features Australian private detective JAYNE KEENY who has relocated to Bangkok. Filled with all of the dangers and customs of Thailand, Savage's prose is filled with authenticity and realism and Keeney battles through the unfamiliar territory with unparalleled tenacity.

This is a top quality debut thriller which earned Savage the 2004 Victoria Premiers Literary Award for Best Unpublished Manuscript.

Behind the Night Bazaar was eventually published in 2006, followed by The Half-Child (2010) andThe Dying Beach (2013).


  • "For those craving something a little off the beaten track, this foray into the mean streets of Thailand ought to do the trick. There's corruption and greed and plenty of good old violence and a wonderful intense seediness about the whole thing as Jayne, an Australian ex-pat, goes about her paces, investigating a gruesome murder in the wide open city of Chiang Mai that may have huge personal implications for her. Jayne's descent into the the nastier parts of sexual underworld, where child hookers cater to pedeophiles, is definitely not for the timid -- or the prude. A sequel is long overdue."
    -- Kevin Burton Smith on
    Behind the Night Bazaar in Mystery Scene



Report respectfully submitted by Damien Gay of Crime Down Under .

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