Karl Kane
Created by Sam Millar

Hey, man, smell my finger.

There's never quite been a P.I. like Belfast's KARL KANE..

I mean, most P.I.s, the author really tries to get you to like them. But you get the feeling Sam Millar doesn't give a crap in Bloodstorm (2008) which introduces Kane -- you either take Kane as he is, or piss off.

Certainly, he's a far cry from most private eye heroes. More than a few gumshoes are walking wounded, and Kane is no exception: he's frequently hungover, he's always scratching his arse (and always seemingly one step from daring the reader to sniff his finger), and he seems to have the moral sense of a dung heap. But he's truly damaged goods: a molested child who witnessed his mother's rape and murder. And the book itself is a deep, dark wallow in about twenty different kinds of nastiness; a violent noir odyssey of failure -- of justice, of mercy and of nerve.



Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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