Joop Wheeler and Kevin Sweeney

Created by Greg Fallis

Charming and courtly southern would-be gentleman JOOP WHEELER, a former newshawk, is partners with tenacious Irish ex-cop KEVIN SWEENEY in G&H Investigations in South Carolina (or north of Boston? Did they move?).

The G&H stands for "Grit and Harp," of course. And "Joop"? Turns out he was named for a dog.

Wheeler and Sweeney are the creation of Shamus-nominated Greg Fallis, who's himself has been a licensed private investigator. But he's probably best known as the co-author, with Ruth Greenberg, of the classic non-fiction work Be Your Own Detective (1989).


  • "Lord of Obstacles" (January 1997, AHMM)
  • "And Maybe The Horse Will Learn To Sing" (October 1998, AHMM; also1999, The Best American Mystery Stories 1999)
  • "Dem Bones, Bem Bones" (October 2003, AHMM)
  • “Dog on Fire” (May 2004, AHMM)


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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