John Shepherd
Created by
Bruce Haslett

In Chuck Norris' latest direct-to-video opus, The Cutter, he plays private eye JOHN SHEPHERD.  Apparently all it's about the international diamond trade in... Spokane, Washington? 

Norris plays your typical ex-cop turned private eye, trying to redeem himself. He gets drawn into some seriously laughable hokum involving a mysterious "master of disguise," a former diamond cutter for the Nazis, an old girlfriend, the Holocaust a ancient biblical breastplate that may or may not have mystical powers aznd lots of deep dark secrets from the past. On the bright side, Mr. Permabeard apparently gets his ass handed to him a few times early on in the film. And of course all true videogeeks can never get enough of Bernie "Love Boat" Kopell.

Supposedly, this masterpiece spent over ten years in production, optioned at one time or another by at least three different studios and re-written numerous times. Why Spokane? Evidently at one point any and all references to Israel were removed, the producer claiming he couldn't sell the film to "certain territories" otherwise. The setting changed from New York to Los Angeles to Prague and finally... Spokane? Considering his last big screen movie, Hitman, was also set in Washington, maybe Chuck should stay out of the Pacific Northwest.

To tell the truth, I haven't seen it.  You start out buying a Chuck Norris DTV, the next thing you know you're buying Steven Seagal movies, and that's a road I just don't want to go down.



Respectfully submitted by Glen Davis. Additional info by Kevin Burton Smith.

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