John Ray Horn
Created by Ed Wright

"The street smelled of dust and regret."
-- the first line of Clea's Moon

JOHN RAY HORN is a former bronc rider and B-movie cowboy (What? You don't remember the horse opera classic Sierra Lane?) fallen on bad times, blacklisted from Hollywood for punching out the son of some stuffed-shirt studio exec. After two years in the slammer for thar little stunt, he goes to work as a debt collector for his best friend and former "faitful Indian companion," Joseph Mad Crow, who's now a successful casino owner.

The great post-WWII Los Angeles setting, rendered in all its tawdry detail, is an intriguing alternative view of Tinsel town's "Golden Age," and the suitably downbeat depiction of lives unravelled and dreams turned bad give this series a pleasantly noir bite.

The author, Ed Wright, is a former big-city newspaper editor. John Ray horn's debut, 2003's Clea's Moon, won the C.W.A.'s Debut Dagger Award, and drew several favourable comparison to the work of James Ellroy which, of course, has all the Mad Puppies tinkling all over the place.



Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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