John Hardin

Created by C. Gaby Mitchell

Orphans! Mayhem! Terror!

JOHN HARDIN's on the run.

A quiet type, a turn-of-the-last-century farmer from a small town in Missouri, generally his biggest concern is harvesting the corn. But suddenly his wife is missing and he's become the prime suspect behind an explosion which destroyed a train carrying official US currency paper. Determined to bring in the real culprits and clear his name, he figures he should make himself scarce. But that's a little difficult when he's got the infamous, all-powerful, all-seeing Black Diamond Detective Agency (can you say "Pinkertons?") hot on his heels.

What to do? The one thing the agency doesn't expect -- Hardin adapts an alias and joins their ranks.

The Black Diamond Detective Agency is a 2007 graphic novel, heavy on period detail, based on the "true" historical journals of Arthur James Quindlen, the ficticious agency's founder.  It was originally a screenplay by C. Gaby Mitchell that was subsequently adapted and illustrated with watercolor art by Eddie Campbell, the award-winning cartoonist behind the acclaimed comic series From Hell.


  • "A visually stunning graphic narrative with all sorts of complicated plot twists... The complications have implications that reverberate a century later, but even those who have trouble following the plot will marvel at Campbell's visual detail, use of color (particularly an explosive red) and extensive stretches of wordless panels."

-- Kirkus


    (2007, First Second)
    Based on the screenplay by C. Gaby Mitchell
    Adapted and illustrated by Eddie Campbell

Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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