Joe Pitt

Created by Charlie Huston

A vampire P.I. that doesn't suck.

Imagine a virus-infected New York City populated by warring vampire clans, and a vampire private detective caught between factions. That's the thin line bloodsucking tough guy gumshoe JOE PITT must walk, armed with his straight razor and his brass knucks, in a series that is far more convincing (and entertaining) than it has any right to be, although the detective elements occasionally get lost amongst the all-consuming turf battles and political shenanigans of the bloodsucking variety.

But the author knows how to spin a hard-boiled yarn, and his Big Apple is one hell of a place to visit. Not to mention drop-dead hip. Picture, if you will, 24-hour undead party people.


  • “One of the most remarkable prose stylists to emerge from the noir tradition in this century.”

-- Stephen King

  • “[Huston’s] action scenes are unparalleled in crime fiction and his dialogue is so hip and dead-on that Elmore Leonard should be getting nervous.”

-- Publishers Weekly on Half the Blood of Brooklyn

  • "... a world that is at once supernatural and totally familiar, imaginative, and utterly convincing.”

-- The Philadelphia Inquirer



Fantasy and Occult Eyes

Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith..

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