Jimmy Parker & Mary Mulvaney
Created by William A. Pierce and Raymond L. Schrock

Mother: If you don't get an education, you'll grow up to be a policeman, just like your father
Son: Well, then I won't do my homework at all!

Tall, dark and handsome (with "smiling Irish eyes" yet!), actor James Dunn stars as JIMMY PARKER, the top op for Skip Tracers Ltd., a process-serving firm, discovers a load of hot jewels tucked away in a radio he repos, in the 1940 film Hold That Woman.

Jimmy soon finds himself a very wanted man, not just by the police, who want him for the theft, but gangsters, who want the jewels -- originally stolen from a movie star -- back.

Parker spends most of the movie trying to recover both the loot and the radio in order to clear his name. About the only one who believes him is his sweetie, and fellow op, Mary Mulvaney (played by Frances Gifford, Dunn's real-life wife).

Hilarity allegedly ensues in this Poverty Row production, which is generally well regarded for its brisk pace and appealing cast.


  • HOLD THAT WOMAN...Buy this DVD
    (aka "Skip Tracer")
    (1940, PRC)
    67 minutes
    Tagline: "A Laff-Drama of Budgets and Bill Collectors!"
    Based on a story by William A. Pierce and Raymond L. Schrock
    Screenplay by George Bricker
    Directed by Sam Newfield
    Produced by Sigmund Neufeld
    Starring James Dunn as JIMMY PARKER
    and Frances Gifford as MARY MULVANEY
    Also starring
    William Hall, Dave O'Brien, Martin Spellman, George Douglas, Rita La Roy, Eddie Fetherston, Guy Usher, Paul Bryar, Edwin Miller, John Dilson, Anna Lisa, Marie Rice, Frank Meredith, Art Myers

Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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