Jessica Beckett
Created by Jordan Dane

"Kissing ass wasn't her thing, even if the ass was Grade A prime."

She's usually pegged as a romantic suspense novelist but she also brings surprising grit and hard-boiled heft to her books. Eyes Without a Face (2009) which introduces "Fugitive Recovery Agent" JESSICA BECKETT is no exception.

The hard-boiled Chicago bounty hunter is a real piece of work -- a take-charge, kick-ass hard-ass with more than a few personal kinks, who sleeps with a .357 Magnum Colt Python by her bed and usually wears a Kevlar vest, and she's not above running games on bail jumpers that Rockford himself would envy or getting way too personally involved in her cases. But perhaps best of all is Jessica's sheer recklessness and the unadulterated, impulsive fierceness she displays as she closes in on her target.

And make no mistake -- there are real lives at stake here, as her hunt for a child abuser leads to Alaska with Jessica hot on the trail of a young girl who may have been taken by a multinational organization that traffics in humans. What makes the book work so well is how her own troubled past creeps up on Jessica even as she zeroes in on her prey.

Providing support is Chicago cop Samantha Cooper, who has a hard time keeping her friend in line, and Seth Harper, a computer wiz whom Beckett has signed on as her "summer intern." Both Jessica and Seth return in Dane's next book in the "Sweet Justice" series, The Wrong Side of Dead, albeit not as the primary characters, and by the third novel, they're both employed by Sentinels, a private security firm agent that operates all over the world.

Jordan Dane is a member of Romance Writers of America, Mystery Writers of America, Sisters in Crime, and the International Thriller Writers. She and her husband currently live in Oklahoma with "an intelligent canine and two cats of highborn lineage."


  • "... a definite cut above most romantic suspense novels of this type."
    -- Publisher's Weekly

  • "Rarely does an author make such an impact in such a short span of time."
    -- Romantic Times Magazine


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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