Jennifer Hunter
Created by Jessica Brody

There's a coupla things you could call her...

She's not really a private eye, although she pretty much has the same goal as any dick working domestic cases: nailing lovers who stray. It's her methods that are a little, uh, different.

You see, JENNIFER HUNTER is an "undercover fidelity inspector," using herself as bait to test the fidelity of suspected lovers.

But that was then, and this is now. By her second novel, Love Under Cover (2009), Jenny's met the man of her dreams, and she no longer does any field work. Nope, she's now running her own agency with five full-time fidelity inspectors to do the dirty work.

I dunno -- I think this is supposed to be a romance novel, but the idea seems sorta juvenile and mean-spirited. Chick lit revenge fantasy, maybe?

Anyone read this? I'd love some feedback.


Brief respectfully filed by Kevin Burton Smith.

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