Jake Wheeler
Created by Patrick Hasburgh

"I pulled down the Murphy bed and stretched out to watch the rest of Rockford. I might learn something from this private dick, I thought. But instead of paying attention, I fell asleep."
-- Jake explains his technique in Aspen Pulp

A TV scriptwriter turned P.I.? Why not?

Wisecracking "washed-up Hollywood hack," a former TV scribe responsible for some pretty bad detective shows, JAKE WHEELER's life has gone into freefall, his fortune blown off on booze and drugs. So he tucks his tail between his legs and slinks on back to Aspen, Colorado, where he attempts to eke out a living using some pretty dubious detective skills that he mostly cribbed from The Rockford Files.

Fortunately, he can count on the kindness of some extremely loyal friends (mostly misfits and ski bums) and his long-suffering Malamute, Winston, for moral support.

Patrick Hasburgh is himself a television writer and producer, having worked on such shows as The A-Team and 21 Jump Street with Stephen J. Cannell, who just happens to have been Rockford's co-creator.norting tale that just happens to be about a lawyer, Jack has this knight errant quality that recalls nobody so much as Spenser or perhaps a wise-cracking Travis McGee

A funny, irreverent debut, Jake's debut, the aptly titled Aspen Pulp was nominated for a Best First P.I. Novel Shamus.


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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