Jake Danger
Created by Jonathon Hoskins and Mark Huisman

JAKE DANGER (no relation, apparently, to Johnny, Mike or Nick) is a tongue-in-cheek throw-back from the 40's operating in New York in the 60's who is webcast occasionally on the virtullyamerican.com in a series of short five-minute bursts. According to he blurb, each episode "will be similar to an audio movie for the mind, composed of a wild range of characters who are either trying to get Jake, get him to do something, or just get his attention. It will be accompanied by original music and sounds from a bright and eclectic troupe of audio/stage performers, who are all members of the ETA Broadcasting Company. The writers, Jonathon Hoskins and Mark Huisman, plan to produce nine or ten more episodes over the next year."


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