C.W. Briggs
Created by Woody Allen

"You're a nerdy little meglamaniac who's frightened by women."
-Fitz puts the Woodster in his place.

Woody Allen wrote and directed The Curse of the Jade Scorpion, a banter-heavy crime farce/romantic comedy set in 1940's Manhattan (where else?), that revolves around hypnotism, a jewel heist and Allen himself as C.W. BRIGGS, a rather twerpy old-fashioned insurance dick who gets by on "hunches" and "gut feelings," and loudly proclaims himself a ladies' man.

Enter Helen (Mad About You) Hunt playing Betty Ann Fitzgerald, an uptight, take-charge efficiency expert hired by the boss, Dan Ackroyd (whom she's sleeping with) to modernize the office. Needless to say, Allen is flustered by Hunt's aggressive style, and more than a bit smitten.

Meanwhile, an "evil hypnotist" (played by David Ogden Stiers, complete with turban) transforms the mismatched duo into jewel thieves. And sweethearts. Boy, I hate when that happens.

Still, considering the cast, and Allen's obvious affection for old movies and the detective genre (his stories about private eye Kaiser Lupowitz are a true delight), this is a great little flick. And it does have Hunt in it...

And, in fact, I really enjoyed it. The dialogue was Allen's best in years, really rat-a-tat sharp. Just a pleasant surprise, since it got such so-so reviews. I liked it.



Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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