Jack Keller
Created by J. D. Rhoades

JACK KELLER's pretty much a mess, a shell-shocked Desert Storm vet who has some very real problems dealing with people -- unless he's got a gun jammed in their ear and is slapping the cuffs on them. About the only thing that keeps him going is his job as a bounty hunter for H&H, a North Carolina bail bonds company, and Angela, his boss, who's not exactly a glowing picture of mental health either.

And yet, somehow, when Jack isn't kicking down doors in pursuit of criminals whose propensity for violence is frequently only matched by their stupidity, he and Angela manage to find a little common ground -- and it's that deftly handled growing relationship between these two wounded people which raises J.D. Rhoades over-boiled, action-packed debut, The Devil's Right Hand (2005) and the subsequent series a notch or two up from the average bounty hunter series.



Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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