Jack Elton
Created by Robert Scott

JACK ELTON was booted off the Vancouver Police Force -- unfairly, he reckons -- and is resigned to scratching out a lonely living as a slightly dodgy private eye, when an old buddy, Brendan Biggs, an advertising big shot, comes a calling.

Seems that a young, pregnant Asian woman was found stabbed to death in the high-rise offices of Biggs, Wilberforce, Hutton and Small, a swank downtown agency. Nobody seems to know who she was, but all evidence leads to Brendan.

That's the basic scenario in Advertising Murder, a 2007 novel that drew praise for its sensitivity and insights intoVancouver's large Asian community. i'm going to have to check this one out.

Robert Scott is an author, pastor and para-funeral (huh?) who lives in British Columbia, who also writes a monthly column for the local volunteer fire department, where he serves as Chaplain.


Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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