Created by Frederick Busch

"The past is not really past; it's not even over."
-- William Faulkner

JACK is a security guard, originally from Vienna in upstate New York, with more than his share of personal problems (a messy divorce, a dead child, a stinty in Vietnam that went bad) and a habit of wandering into P.I. territory, doing "favors" or otherwise helping to look for missing persons in two dark, hard-boiled novels, Girls (1997) and North (2005), from Frederick Busch.

Jack was actually introduced in an earlier, non-crime short story by Busch entitled "Ralph the Duck," in which we first meet Jack and Franny, a young couple trying to cope with the recent death of their baby daughter. In Girls, though, Busch expanded their personal tragedy to also include Jack's in vestigation into the disappearance of another local girl.

By the second novel, North (2005), Jack's relocated to the Carolinas and is trying to rebuild his life, but when he agrees to search for a woman's missing nephew, the trail leads him straight back to Vienna.



Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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