Sarah Saber and Chris Rockwell

Created by David Linzee

"Move over, Nick and Nora!" seemed to be the battle cry of Discretion, a 1978 novel that gleefully and relentlessly updated the detecting duo formula for a new generation and introduced lovers and fellow private eyes SARAH SABER and CHRIS ROCKWELL.

Sarah's the one who does the heavy lifting; she's witty and engaging and a crack shot, while Chris is the sensitive nebbish type. They're both ops for Inquiries, Incorporated, a high-tech international conglomerate of agencies that gobbled up their own small but well-regardedfirm, and is obsessed with discretion to the point where nobody seems to know what's going on.

In Discretion, "Inkwink" dispatches the two ops -- separately -- to test a Roman art gallery's security, although neither of them know the other's in town.

In their second (and so far, final) outing, Belgravia (1979), Sarah and Chris get drawn into a case involving international corporate espionage, a journey to London and computers, back when xcomputers were "still things the size of walk-in refrigerators, kept in their own offices, and only people who knew FORTRAN could talk to them." Once again, it's an entertaining romp through Europe as the two end up unknowingly chasing each other in circles.

All in good fun, the series is at times reminiscent of Hitchcock and some of his lighter suspense films, such as To Catch a Thief.


  • "Sleek, sophisticated, and a lot of fun."

-- Publishers Weekly on Discretion


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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