Dottie and Brandi Thorson
Created by Pamela Norris

The Huntress is USA network series about the allegedly true exploits of DOTTIE AND BRANDI THORSON, a mother and daughter bounty hunting team who operate in LA.

Remember the 1981 film The Hunter starring Steve McQueen as Ralph "Papa" Thorson? The pregnant wife who was kidnapped by the psycho stalker? Now suppose the same lady, twenty years later, takes over the family business after Ralph is killed, leaving her and their 20-something year old daughter mired in debt.

I cannot attest to the truthfulness of the show, but I cannot help but like it.

First and foremost, Dottie is played by the always-watchable Annette O'Toole, who has a good character to work with. Her Dottie is a soft-hearted, occasionally bumbling neophyte who is still waking up to her husband's gritty world after twenty years as a sheltered, suburban housewife. Regardless of her lack of experience, she always manages to come on top.

In contrast to Dottie's naivete, Brandi (played by an appealing, husky voiced actress named Jordana Spiro -- Aleksa Palladino in the pilot) is a kick-ass take charge, tough-guy type. The contrast and chemistry between the two leads is very humorous and very watchable.

Granted, this series is no Homicide. The plots are a bit simplistic and predictable (but they are getting better) and the production values aren't the best (what else do you excpect from the USA Network?). Also, don't expect any heavy-duty angst or dark explorations into the human condition. The Huntress is fairly light-hearted, given the gritty subject matter.

Still, though far from perfect, I think this show is a fairly solid, entertaining PI show that deserves some support from people who would like to see a halfway-decent TV foray in the genre. I like it, anyway.


Actually, from what I can gather, the premise is accurate...up to a point. Evidently Dottie and Brandi are indeed bounty hunters. In fact, after Ralph's death, Dottie contacted Christopher Kean, who had written the original book about her husband that had become the McQueen fiilm, The Hunter, claiming she wanted to tell "her" story. The result was the 1996 book The Huntress (recently reprinted as a mass market paperback), which in turn inspired this TV series.



Respectfully submitted by Bryan English.

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