Robert Lee Hunter
Created by Eric Sauter (1948 --)

"Life was definitely okay with the movie money from his novel and his own private island in the Delaware River. Hunter had nothing heavieer on his mind than fixing the front porch ---- when the bad news dropped."
-- blurb from the first book

HUNTER was the protagonist of three PBOs from the early eightiess, an unlicensed, laid back sleuth, very much of the Travis McGee school, even if living on a private island in the Delaware River between Pennsylvania and New Jersey is a far cry from a houseboat in Ft. Lauderdale's intracoastal.  A former 60s radical and journalist, Hunter was theoretically a successful novelist, but he wouldn't hesitate to swing into action when morally outraged.  The first in the series, the eponymous Hunter, was a 1984 Edgar nominee for Best Original Paperback.

I remember enjoying it very much and thinking that the subsequent two didn't quite live up to the original...but hey, it was the early 80s and you'll have to excuse me for not remembering too much.

Sauter also authored the horror novel Predators, as well as two books featuring Philadelphia Police Detective Patrick Paige -- Skeletons (1990) and Backfire (1992) --and was working on a third, The Blinding Wheel, when he seems to have moved on to other pursuits a little over a decade ago...


Respectfully submitted by H. Kelly Levendorf.

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