Diana Hunter
Created by Joan Francis

It ain't easy being green.

DIANA HUNTER (of Hunter Investigations, natch) is a Southern California private investigator, and the heroine of Old Poison (2003), the first in a proposed four-book series that deals with various aspects of the environment..

In her gas of a debut, Diana is saddled with a rather peculiar case -- she's hired to assist an environmentalist in determining the viability of a new, potentially environmentally friendly fuel described in science fiction novel entitled The Martian Diary.

But when the environmentalist is murdered, Diana's soon travelling to New Mexico and the rain forest of Costa Rica, and learning more than she wants to about global warming, life on Mars, pollution, and the hidden dangers of alternative fuels. As the body count rises, she finds she must face off against radical environmentalists, overzealous corporate agents and more than a few just garden variety wingnuts.

Author Francis spent her childhood in small mining towns and camps in the western United States and in South America with her two sisters, mother, and mining engineer father. Moving from place to place as her father opened up new mine sites, she attended fifteen schools before graduating with a B.A. in history from the University of Washington in Seattle. She worked as a librarian and a newspaper reporter and eventually became an honest-to-goodness private eye and owner of Francis Pacific Investigations, with over fifteen years' experience in the Los Angeles area. When grilled about the coincidence of real news stories and her literary debut, Joan said, "My job has always been to find information for people. Sometimes the information is out there and just takes a bit of expertise to find. Sometimes it is deliberately hidden and takes a bit of finesse to uncover." Married with three grown children, she and her husband now live in a secluded valley of the Tehachapi Mountains.



Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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