Huggy Bear

Created by William Blinn

HUGGY BEAR was a flamboyant, street smart (ie: black) informant who could be counted on for vital info and comic relief in the hot 1970's cop show Starsky and Hutch, starring Paul Michael Glaser, David Soul and a bright-red 1974 Ford Torino with a giant white stripe (perfect for undercover police work). Huggy proved a popular-enough recurring character that at one point,network executives actually considered spinning the character off into his own series.

But how to build a show around a snitch? The answer was simple. Make him a private eye!

A pilot was actually produced and aired, but ABC hedged their bets, and aired it as a regular instalment of Starsky and Hutch during the 1977 series. Puzzled fans tuned in one week for their weekly dose of car chases and bad method acting, only to find their favourite jive-talking snitch unaccountably working as a P.I. The idea never caught on.

By the next episode, Huggy was back to snitching, without any further explanation. Appropriately enough, the pilot/episode was entitled "Huggy Bear and the Turkey".


    (1975-79, ABC)
    Created by William Blinn
    Executive Producers: Aaron Spelling, Leonard Goldberg
    Starring Paul Michael Glaser as Dave Starsky
    and David Soul as Ken Hutchinson
    Also starring Bernie Hamilton as Captain Dobey
    and Antonio Fargas as HUGGY BEAR
  • "Huggy Bear and the Turkey" (1977)

Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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