Max Holman
Created by Robert Crais

 LA, noir and bank robbery capital of the world... 

Having spent one-third of his adult life in state and federal prisons, MAX HOLMAN is leaving Lompoc after 10 years, a changed man.  Clean, sober and hoping to put his past behind him, the 48 year old convicted bank robber wants nothing more than to start fresh and reconcile with his estranged son Richard.

No easy task, given that Richie is now an LAPD officer.  But life has one more kick in the balls for Holman:  on the day of his release from the Community Correctional Center halfway house, Max is informed RIchie has been killed in the line of duty, ambushed with three other cops. 

Denied the chance to see how Richie had lived, Max digs into how he had died.  When Max realizes nothing in the official investigation is as it seems, he  launches his own private investigation into Richie's life -- and death -- and how it may be tied into the careers of Marchenko and Parsons, a notorious bank robbing duo, killed during a heist 86 days earlier. No trained sleuth, Max nonetheless veers into P.I. territory as his personal investigation runs headlong and afoul of the official ones of both the LAPD and the FBI.  

The perennial outsider has just one hope -- retired FBI Special Agent Katherine Pollard, once the darling of the LA Field Office Bank Robbery Unit and the very agent who put him behind bars a decade earlier. 

At first glance, The Two Minute Rule seems uncharted territory for author Crais, and recovering recidivist Max Holman an unlikely protagonist from the man who gave us LA PI Elvis Cole and Joe Pike.  But on closer inspection, Max has much in common with Crais' series-characters who, over the course of their ten novels, have developed from seemingly unflappable and indestructible into complex, haunted men who hide their pain behind loud shirts & smart-ass and sunglasses & silence, respectively.  There's even a bit of Jeff Talley and Carol Starkey, from Crais' two other stand-alone books, Hostage and Demolition Angel, whose heroes are very much scarred, flawed outsiders, determined to do things their own way.  But whereas Cole and Pike have their skills and their bravado and Talley and Starkey, their skills and their badges, Holman has nothing. 

Except an inner strength and decency that drives him too seek the truth. 

Private Detective? No

Private Investigator? Most definitely. 

Your readers shouldn't let this one slip by. 



Respectfully submitted by H. Kelly Levendorf.

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