Harry Powell
Created by Christopher Crowe

In The Hollywood Detective (not to be confused with just Hollywood Detective or Hollywood Offbeat or Hollywood Confidential or even Hollywood Harry), Telly "Kojak" Savalas plays down and out television detective HARRY POWELL who's twenty years past his celebrity expiry date, and is now best known as a washed up, drunken has-been. So he decides to snuff it by sticking his head in the oven.

Unfortunately, the gas company has shut him off.

Fortunately, a young fan, apparently reality-challenged, pops up at just the right time to hire Harry to find a missing actor. When the actor turns up dead, Harry is the prime suspect. Hilarity apparently then ensues, as Harry races around to clear his name, making a real detective for once, not just playing one on television. Alas, it proves to be tougher than he thought, even with the former writer for his old show and a ditzy girl Wednesday (Friday evidently being taken) helping out.

This was allegedly a spoof of Telly's old Kojak days, but it never really got much past cute.


Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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