Created by Stavros Kazantzidis and Allanah Zitserman

"A new comedy about a mail order bride that truly pushes the envelope."
-- the film's tagline.

Love, Australian style.

In Russian Doll, a 2001 Australian film, billed as HARVEY (played by Hugh Waving -- Agent smith in The Matrix movies) is a meek, lonely private eye and wannabe writer in Sydney, Australia. Poor Harv's exceedingly unlucky in love (an adultery case leads him to his own fiancée), and he desperate to become a novelist, so he agrees to marry Katia (Natalia Novikova), a Russian mail-order bride who's become his best friend David's mistress, in an effort to keep her from being deported.

Naturally, the course of true love doesn't run smooth. David's wife learns about the upcoming wedding, and thinking her husband's best friend has finally found his soul mate, she insists on turning the wedding into a big deal, which in turn creates tension between David and Harvey. And meanwhile, Harvey and Katia slowly discover that maybe they don't dislike each other quite as much as they thought.

More a romantic comedy than a detective story, this is an amusing little trifle, reminiscent at times of Love at Large, but lacking that film's edge.



Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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