Grant Harden
Created by Nick Andreychuk

A lot of fictional P.I.s are ex-cops and GRANT HARDEN falls into this category, but not by his own choice. He has the requisite ex-wife collecting alimony, and kids to put through college, but falls well short of the burned-out stereotype. His debut in "Voices" opens with him meeting an unlikely client in a "low-rent pizza joint." The client is his ex-partner, Jet, who is trying to protect his "nest egg."

"Internal Affairs wanted to lock Jim "the Jet" Jenkins up bad. They didn't have any solid proof yet, but they knew all about his nest egg. So did I-millions of dollars stolen from drug busts. Even though we'd been partners, I'd never seen a penny of it. My choice, not his; but still, it'd cost me my job. Now he lived a life of leisure while I scraped by as a private investigator."

His first published case gives Harden a chance to confront some of the issues surrounding his fall from grace with the department and puts him in a familiar position with his ex-partner. Grant is an interesting character, so hopefully there will be more cases involving this PI in the future.

Nick Andreychuk was born in a small town in Ontario, Canada. A graduate of Wilfrid Laurier University with an Honors Bachelor of Business Administration, he's worked in a cemetery and a cherry farm, conducted market research, and run a coffee shop. Nick is a Derringer Award-winner and Pushcart Prize-nominee. His short crime fiction has appeared in many publications and anthologies. Nick's work can also be found in Bullet Points, an anthology of short-short mystery fiction that he co-edited. He is also the author of the Earl Stack series. He currently lives with his wife in British Columbia, where he writes and edits full time. Readers can contact him at



Respectfully submitted by Dale Stoyer.

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