Carl Good

Created by Milton K. Ozaki
Pseudonyms included Robert O. Saber & Mark Shane

"What the hell is this all about... Dammit, I thought I made it clear you weren't to do any private dicking."

-- Carl receives a warning.

CARL GUARD is a Chicago P.I. who did his "private dicking" in only one novel, at least as Carl Guard.

However, he bears a remarkable resemblance to another Chicago shamus Carl Good, a character the author created for another publisher (under the pseudonym of Robert O. Saber), who appeared in a slew of paperback originals. And Ozaki created a few other Windy City eyes, as well -- Rusty Forbes and Max Keene among them, all distinguished by Saber's rather twisted and sometimes-tortured relationship with the English language. In other words, there's a high cheese quotient in these tales, despite themselves. You've been warned -- now go ahead and enjoy yourself.

After all, who writes stuff like this nowadays?

"Her arms circled my neck and drew me down. A moment later hot, wire-tinged lips were giving me the kind of kiss which makes hair spout on bald-headed men. I leaned into it, enjoying the surge of of unexpected wattage."

Ozaki was a Chicago newspaperman, artist, tax attorney and beauty salon operator who turned to writing crime fiction after World War II, and gave us a couple of dozen hard-boiled novels, all but two of them paperback originals, and all of them full of enough sex, violence and over-boiled prose to fulfill all your daily cheese requirements.


  • Maid for Murder (1955)


Written and compiled by Bill Crider, originally for EyeCon, 1995.

Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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